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Quoting FAQ'S

These FAQ'S will provide deeper clarification on the quote process.

Selecting a Service

Process Serving 

When selecting 'Process Serving' for either general court or family court, first ensure you determine what version documents are?

  1. Electronic Versions can be uploaded and the uploaded version can be served on the defendant/respondent.
    During the quote it is important to check the box if the electronic documents can be served
    The Process Server will print 
  2. original sealed version. 

Acquiring a quote for prior approval?

  1. enter the details onto the quote (see your dashboard)
  2. select View Quote 
  3. a list of agents and their price will be shown
  4. note the Expiry Date, if the date is exceeded a new quote will be required and urgent fees may apply

Quotes can be viewed by going to the client profile and selecting My Jobs.

When ready to go ahead with the job select quote number on the filter at the top of the table.
This will bring up the list of agencies and their prices.

  1. On the end of the table under Action select the agent(s) you wish to go with.
  2. Select the Request button,
  3. This triggers an SMS and email to Agents
  4. The job will be allocated to the first to Agent to accept.

Once you have requested Agent's to accept your job you must immediately enter the details into the system.

  1. You will be directed to add the job.
  2. make sure you fill out all the details at this time
  3. there are three tabs of importance,
    1. the mercantile page where you add the details of the person being served
    2. job type tab where you enter the details fo the job
    3. upload/files tab where you upload your instructions and any documents.

 Field Agent -Accepts or Declines the Job

An agent has received an SMS and email requesting to accept or decline a quote, what to do now?

On both the SMS and the email you can see the following:

  1. job type
  2. the price
  3. date status
  4. the address for service

On both the SMS and email is a link to accept the job which redirects to a page that requests the agent to accept or decline the job.

The job is allocated to the first Agent to accept if they are too late to accept the link will have a message saying "the status of the job is no longer pending. This could mean someone else has accepted before you."

The Agent accepts the job. 

Once the job has been accepted by the Process Server / Field Agent the file will be opened ready to action. The job will be on the My Jobs tab, select this and enter the information about the job. 
At times an Agent will not be able to access the job until the invoice has been paid.

Paying the invoice, how to pay:

  1. There is a link on the invoice that will take you to a payment gateway to make payment by credit card
  2. Alternatively, you can log in and go to the Invoice (To) Tab and make the payment there also by credit card

Who pays up front?

Members of the public must pay up front and the system will not open the job until the payment has been made.

The Australe Group has made special provisions for some clients who have volumes of work they are uploading in a month, you may request to an account if you believe you fall into the bracket.

Even so, our Terms are 14 days.

Our goal is to pay the agents as soon as they complete a job. (They deserve it.) Therefore cash flow is important.

Instruct the Process Server

If your documents to be served are the originals you will need to post them to the Process Server ASAP

  1. go to the My Jobs Tab and select the job
  2. on the Mercantile Tab look for the Print Cover Letter and print this.
    The print button is activated once an agent accepts the job and the job has been saved.
  3. now send your documents to the address on the cover letter.
  4. ensure you update the shared notes area letting the agent know you have sent the docs.
  5. you can also use the 'to do tab' on the job to keep track of job.

Note: it is highly beneficial to the Process Server if you can also upload a copy of the documents on the website, you can do this on the Upload Tab. 

What is the date status on a quote

The date of service determines the Urgency status of the job, there are 3 categories of urgency 

  1. Urgent (4 Days) before the date of service 
  2. Super Urgent (2 Days) before the date of service 
  3. Uber Urgent (Today) day of service 

Urgency also depends on the clients need to have documents served at a specific time, Therefore, the service date does not have to be the last date of service, it a can be what the client chooses.

 The days are determined by the selection criteria on the quote and urgent fees are dependent on the following:

  1. The document can be uploaded to the job and printed for service
    The urgent date is set from the above list of days
  2. or the document must be posted and original served
    Urgent service allows 3 days for postage across Australia.

The quote expiry date is determined by the urgent fees, meaning the quote will expire once the date has passed because it will have moved into the criteria where the documents will become urgent.