Field Call

The purpose of a field call is to establish contact with the customer, update their details and make a demand for payment of outstanding debts. Alternatively, if the Field Call is for the purpose of an investigation the Agent must follow the instructions of the client and complete any documentation supplied. 

During the interview with the customer, confirm the following details:

  1. Phone numbers & email
  2. Employment status
  3. Employer name and details
  4. Spouse name
  5. Financial position
  6. Reason for falling behind on payments
  7. Discuss the reason the debt has not been paid.

If the customer is contacted during a field call and does not act on the recommendations of the field agent by contacting the client, it is still a successful field call because the Field Agent has satisfied the purpose of the field call.

If the customer enters an arrangement during the time of the filed call with the client, the Field Agent has satisfied the purpose of the field call and will close the job.

If the customer makes a payment arrangement and then defaults the client will have to reissue a new field call or in the case of a motor vehicle or security the client may choose to have the security repossessed.

If the agent finds the customer is no longer at that address, they will notify the client of our findings and close the job.

We would then recommend a Skip Trace be performed.

Purpose of the Field Call.

  1. To make a stand and reiterate to the customer they must pay.
  2. Let the customer know their options and what the consequence may be if they do not act.
  3. Demand full arrears plus costs at the time of the field call and if this cannot be accomplished organise a payment arrangement.
  4. Hand over any documentation to the customer such as direct debit forms, default letters or letters of demand.
  5. Returned completed forms to the client.

Field calls are not to be put on hold by the client

If the Field Agent satisfies the purpose of the field call then it constitutes a successful Field Call and will be closed as successfully completed.

The number of attempts shown at the time of the quote allows agents to make up to the specified number of visits. If the agent accomplishes the outcomes of the field call in fewer visits they will close the job as they have satisfied the purpose of the visit as stated above.

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