Default Notice

Default Notice Service Instructions

Instructions will vary from client to client, therefore it is important to read the individual instructions for each Default Notice. Particularly the instruction by way of placement.

Service needs to be personal or if unable to be personal then by way of placement.

Personal Service is as follows

  1. served by personally handing the documents to the named person on the Default Notice
  2. where there are two customers, ie: two default notices, it is important that two sets of documents are served.
  3. If one customer is home and the other is not, the process of serving the second customer by way of placement needs to be completed.

Service by Placement is as follows

  1. Placed in a sealed addressed envelope
  2. Left in a conspicuous place preferably affixed to the premises:
    by being wedged in or taped to the front door.
  3. If a third party opens the door and the defendant(s) is not home the documents should be served by way of placement.


The Default Notice must not be left in the letterbox.
The Default Notice cannot be served on any person not named on the documents
There should be no second attendances.

For investment or holiday properties (security address is different from the customer's address) serve the customers as per above, at the customer's address.

Further instructions

  1. one photograph of the security property and
  2. one photograph of the service (if by placement)
  3. Photos should be uploaded to the file on the mercantile software.

The photograph of the service (if by placement) becomes absolutely essential.

Final Instruction

Provide a copy of the affidavit with 3 days, by uploading a copy to the mercantile software then post the original back to the client.

Watch this Video First

Watch this video to understand what service is, it comes from the Family Court of Australia.

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