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Lawyers, Solicitors & Barristers

This is exciting news for the legal profession

Because of the first-hand experience of the Australe Group in Process Serving and working alongside Legal Firms, they have been able to truly nut out a simple, efficient and cost-effective way for Law Firms when arranging to have court documents served by professional Process Servers. 

The Australe Group have developed software that connects Law firms to professional Process Servers in close proximity to the address where court documents need to be served.

Finding experienced Process Servers can be challenging as documents need to be served across the country, currently, there is no one place where a Law Firm can source a Process Server, obtain a quote and schedule their jobs.

Between the Legal and Process Serving Industries, the biggest bugbear is getting and doing quotes. It is time-consuming for both sides.

The software they have developed addresses these issues by saving and storing quotes, documents, and invoices in one secure place.

Key Features that will benefit Law Firms

  1. For Process Servers, knowing the rules of service for every court form or document can be challenging, the Australe Groups have built this into the quoting process. When quoting the client chooses the state of the originating court, from where the client will choose the court and the associated document. As seen below this populates the quote form with the correct documents and service rules.
    Quote for process servingPNG

  2. The next key feature that makes the platform powerful is the quoting system because it is directly linked to the service address, it searches for the three closest process servers and displays each one's price. The client then chooses which Process Server they wish to contact to request to do the job based on this. Once selected the system sends an email and SMS to the process servers with a link to accept the job. The job is then allocated to the first Process Server to accept.

    Process Serving Quote

By using the Australe Group to serve documents you are helping to build a national database of court documents along with the accompanying Court Rules of Service for those documents. 

Backed by the power of Google Maps

The aim of the Australe Group is to link you directly to local agents through one hub, by bringing together a national collective of experienced Field Agents and Process Servers to streamline their ability to service the Mercantile Industry through the use of the software.

The Australe Group have systematically nutted out in minute detail each job type a client would require and with this created a seemingly simple quoting process which is backed by the power of Google Maps.