Client Dashboard

The Dashboard

Following is the information about your dashboard.

Client Profile

  1. 'Get a Quote / Add Jobs' tab, this tab takes you directly to the instant quotes page. (Instant quote information link)
  2. Invoices tab, this will take you to a list of jobs you have been invoiced for, you can see what is outstanding and what has been paid. There is also a pay invoice button where you can select to pay your invoices by credit card.
  3. Contacts tab is where you can add new people to your profile, these people will be able to get quotes too. The contact who is highlighted is the owner of the business and will see everything, additional contacts will only see the jobs they have added.

Mercantile Jobs

  1. All Jobs will take you to the page that has a list of all quotes at all stages
  2. accepted will show you all the jobs that have been accepted by an agent.
  3. Reviewing are jobs you are waiting on:
    you may be waiting for a client to approve costs before requesting an agent
    you may be waiting for an agent to accept the job.
  4. Pending is where the job has been accepted but is waiting on the payment for the job to be opened

 mercantile jobs

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