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Sunday, 26 May 2019 14:44

Client Dashboard

The Dashboard

Following is the information about your dashboard.

Client Profile

  1. 'Get a Quote / Add Jobs' tab, this tab takes you directly to the instant quotes page. (Instant quote information link)
  2. Invoices tab, this will take you to a list of jobs you have been invoiced for, you can see what is outstanding and what has been paid. There is also a pay invoice button where you can select to pay your invoices by credit card.
  3. Contacts tab is where you can add new people to your profile, these people will be able to get quotes too. The contact who is highlighted is the owner of the business and will see everything, additional contacts will only see the jobs they have added.

Mercantile Jobs

  1. All Jobs will take you to the page that has a list of all quotes at all stages
  2. accepted will show you all the jobs that have been accepted by an agent.
  3. Reviewing are jobs you are waiting on:
    you may be waiting for a client to approve costs before requesting an agent
    you may be waiting for an agent to accept the job.
  4. Pending is where the job has been accepted but is waiting on the payment for the job to be opened

 mercantile jobs

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Tuesday, 14 May 2019 13:58

Agent Dashboard

Your dashboard is where you will be directed to the area of the site you want to get information from.


You can see at a glance that your business is compliant and if you have at least one compliance agent. If you are not compliant you will not show up on the quote form when a client submits a quote.

Get a Quote / Add Jobs button will take you directly to the quote where you can enter job information and obtain an instant quote.

These buttons also take you directly to your cost page, compliance page, invoices, and contacts & agents page.

 mercantile jobs

From your dashboard, you can go to the pages where you have shown up on quotes and see the status of these jobs.

When a client submits a quote and your business shows up, you can see what the status of the quote is from your perspective. This is a great way to see if your pricing is competitive by judging what is accepted or lost.

Follow this link to register as a Field Agent or Process Server.

todo list

The To Do List also shows up on your dashboard, each new job creates a To Do on the day it is accepted. Use this as a way of keeping track of your jobs. When selecting the To Do button you will be taken to your items and you can filter these by date or by flags. 

The To Do and flags are managed on the job itself.  You will be redirected to the job by clicking on items that have a line under it.

Register as a Process Server or Field Agent

Enter your details here to register as a Process Server or Field agent with the Australe Group.

You will be redirected to the Field Agents Registration page.


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