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The Australe Group have witnessed the difficulties when it comes to repossessing goods, collecting outstanding arrears on loans and serving default notices.

It is frustrating trying to arrange field calls and the like for the purpose of getting arrears paid or repossessing goods. It has also become quite complicated with compliance and ensuring Field Agents are both compliant and competent.

Our mission is to be the industry's benchmark for compliant Field Agents across Australia. 

 As a client, it is great relief to you, knowing you can come to one site to find compliant who can perform the delicate services you require.

The Australe Group, have worked tirelessly to build a one-stop shop for Banks, Finance Companies and Equipment Rental businesses that gives direct access to the agent who is acting on your behalf and speaking directly to your customers.

There are many frustrations between both our industries, they have purpose build software that addresses most of these, (there will be more that come to light and there will be some they have missed), however, the experience of the personnel in both working on the ground as field agents and in administration working as the middle man passing work onto agents on finance companies behalf.

Quoting and scheduling jobs is a problem for the industry Australia wide, nowadays everyone needs a quote before actioning a job, this slows down the process of getting an agent working on the job and could be the difference between getting action or losing contact with your customer.

Instant quotes

They have streamlined the process of finding a Field Agent at the location required, getting an instant online quote for a job and lodging the job for the Field Agent to action.

The software is designed for quoting, lodging and tracking of jobs. It has been built by Field Agents and Process Servers who have worked on the ground for over 15 years. It simply connects you to the agent on the ground who will perform the service.
This software allows both you and your Field Agent’s to manage your jobs on one platform.

Key Features:

  1. The first key feature that makes the platform powerful is the quoting system because it is directly linked to the service address it searches for the three closest field agents and displays each agents price. The client then chooses which agents they wish to contact to request to do the job based on this. Once selected the system sends an email and SMS to the Field Agents with a link to accept the job. The job is then allocated to the first agent to accept.

    Process Serving Quote

  2. The second key feature is how the compliance of Field Agents is handled. The Australe Group made compliance a central focus, having experienced the grind of keeping compliance documents up to date themselves, they put a great deal of effort into building a component to handle compliance documents. The main aim is to build a trusted network of compliant agents, so when a client accesses a Field Agent from the Australe Group there is no questioning their compliance.

    The example here is a Western Australian business. (Each state has its own compliance files)
    mercantile business compliance files

  3. The third key feature is reporting, communication with clients and invoicing. Those in this industry know how important it is to keep a thorough diary of events when actioning a job, one of the biggest bugbears is keeping clients updated on their jobs. The platform allows for messaging, reporting and invoicing which is all linked to the job. No more folders on computers, everything is located in one place. Documents directly relating to a job are uploaded and remain on the job.

    shared notes area for clients and agents

Backed by the power of Google Maps

The aim of the Australe Group is to link you directly to local agents through one hub, by bringing together a national collective of experienced Field Agents and Process Servers to streamline their ability to service the mercantile industry through the use of the software.

The Australe Group have systematically nutted out in minute detail each job type a client would require and with this created a seemingly simple quoting process which is backed by the power of Google Maps.

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