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How Agents Are Allocated Jobs Via the Quoting Process

Our mission is to be the industry's benchmark for compliant Field Agents across Australia. 

Quick and Easy Quoting

The Australe Group have developed a unique quoting system that is both fair for the Field Agent, Process Server, and the Client.

During the quoting process, the client requests the type of job they require and the quote process populates the data required for that job.

To get a quote you must be registered and logged in, as below.

get a quote

 During Registration, you choose which Job Types you want to be nominated for, below is the list of Job Types:

  1. Process Serving
  2. Default Notice
  3. Family Court Documents
  4. Field Calls
  5. Motor Vehicle Field Calls
  6. Repossessions
  7. Vacant possession 
  8. Lockout 

The 3 closest Field Agents to the service address are nominated for the job.

A quote is entered into the system, the client chooses the Job Type, enters the details of the job and the address.  It is the address for the service that triggers the quoted price, and which agents are nominated for the job. The system connects the closest 3 Field Agents to the service address, it shows the client the price and the number of attempts each agent will attend to affect service.

The client can choose any one or all of the Field Agents, the client then must accept the quote, this notifies the selected Field Agents by email and SMS with a link to accept or decline the job.

If the client selected more than one agent it is the first agent to respond who will be awarded the job.

Process Serving Quote

Register as a Process Server or Field Agent

Enter your details here to register as a Process Server or Field agent with the Australe Group.

You will be redirected to the Field Agents Registration page.