Field Agents Pricing

Our mission is to be the industry's benchmark for compliant Field Agents across Australia. 

Job Types and Price

During the registration, you nominate your Job Types, these are the types of jobs you perform in the field. The Job Types you nominate dictate what quotes you will show up on when a client is looking for a Field Agent.

At the same time, you will set your prices for each job type, the number of attempts for each Job Type and for process serving additional pricing for personally served documents.

agent costs

Urgent, Travel and Special Fees

The pricing structure also includes urgent fees, travel costs, and special fees.

Urgent Fees are set as shown. (Remember you set your own prices)

  1. Urgent Fee (4 days)
  2. Super Urgent Fee (2days)
  3. Uber Urgent Fee(1day) 

 Urgent fees are dependent on the following:

  1. The document can be uploaded to the job and printed for service
    The urgent date is set from the above list of days
  2. or the document must be posted and original served
    Urgent service allows 3 days for postage across Australia.

Travel Fees are calculated in Kilometres and Kilometres are paid from the nominated address, this means you will be paid the distance to the address one time, for this to work you need to nominate an address for which you will begin your journey.

Special Fees have also been included, this is for making appointments for Prison Visits, Mental Health Ward or Document pickup, etc

special fee

Maximum Distance Traveled enter into the pricing table the number of Kilometres you will travel eg: up to 50km. (Regional and Remote agents travel distance may be greater as shown as 250km in the below example)

Once you have done this please select the check location to make sure your address is correct with google maps as the system is using this to calculate the Kilometres on the quote.


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