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Action your new job

How to action your new job and review the information the Clients entered into the system.


Contains the basic information on

  1. Person or Company being actioned
  2. Clients name, contact and their phone number
  3. Agent name and contact details

Shared Notes Area

At the time of the quote, the client will add instructions for the job, these instructions are placed on a shared notes area which also becomes the report, the client can print or copy this.

The shared note is a place to communicate between Field Agent and Client in real-time and becomes a record of events.

As you can see in the image below the notes can be emailed by both Field Agent and Client, once a note is emailed it is flagged with the note 'Emailed' so you are can see if it has been sent.

share notes

Printing the worksheet

On the print tab select print worksheet/instructions, this will open in a new window, on the drop-down select load template and choose the job type worksheet.

You can make changes to the worksheet while the window is open. Select print PDF, it will open in a new window for printing.

The worksheet is then saved to the files.


The files tab will highlight yellow when there are files in there, clients will upload documents you may need to print, click on the file and it will open in a new window for printing.

Files can be flagged to for the final report, check the box if this is required.


To upload a file, you can simply drag and drop them into the box or you can choose a file. Once uploaded check to see if the document is in the files list, then flag it for the final report. Jpeg files will also go to the photos tab. 

To Do List

Adding a To Do Item's will help you keep track of your files. Your To Do Items will be displayed on the Dashboard.

Additional Information

This tab will have information relevant to the job type, that will help the Agent in the field.

Additional Costs

At times you will have additional expenses to what was quoted if this happens before actioning any additional work you must get approval from the client. Discuss this with your client remembering there is an 11% surcharge on the additional cost. Once you have agreed to additional cost you must enter the amount on additional costs tab with a description. Then you need to email this to the client for approval.

Additional cost will be added to your's and the client's invoice.



waiting on documents to mailed

creating notes 

rules of service and affidavit templates

service level agreement

closing the job